During vacuuming, transporting or discharging products, friction occur in the pipes, tank, etc. which can cause static electricity and arcing. This problem will occur more quickly with products with strong electrical insulating properties.



To prevent damage and unsafe work situations, it is necessary to connect your vehicle to an earth point. We offer various affordable SafeGround products to avoid these kind of dangerous situations. Thanks to a SafeGround earthing reel and a SafeGround earthing controller, your vehicle will be grounded in a more safe and reliable manner.


how it works

The chassis of the vehicle is connected to an external earth point through an earthing reel and a SafeGround earthing controller. The SafeGround earthing controller produces a small HF signal that is coupled back to the truck via the earth point and ground due to its capacitive operation. The SafeGround controller checks the external earth point against its internal virtual earth point. If it meets the boundary conditions, an approval will follow. The control is a continuous process that is carried out constantly. The SafeGround controller also checks for possible closure between the earth clamp and the chassis of the vehicle in order to detect  false grounding.  When the external earth point has been approved, a changeover contact is switched through a relay in the SafeGround controller. This allows a green light to be controlled and / or a release to the control.